My Writing


My essay, “Right to Breathe,” was published in Issue 23 Summer 2022 of Door is a Jar Magazine.

My essay, “I am a Daisy,” was published in Issue 23 Summer 2022 of Door is a Jar Magazine.

My essay, “The Nature of Healing,” was published in the first issue of Mental Rhythm Magazine.

My essay, “The Distance That Brings Us Together,” was a finalist in The Great Isolation Contest, and is published in the anthology: The Great Isolation: Colorado Creativity in the Time of the Pandemic.

I wrote weekly articles about nature, enjoying life, and other topics for Odyssey Online.

I write blog posts for Deep Wild Journal.

I wrote my thesis Song of Salt and Sand: Discovering True Self in Florida. It is a book-length work of nature writing sketches on the many lesser-known ecosystems of Florida, including dry prairies, ancient bald cypress swamps, mangrove forests, and pine flatwoods. It follows my journey through these ecosystems as I reconnect with myself by connecting with nature and becoming a part of the ecology. I am working on getting this published as a book.


My short story “Ghost Orchid,” recently won the fiction prize in Pathfinder Magazine at Western Colorado University and will be published in the upcoming 2019 year in review magazine.

I am in the process of submitting my short story “The Fiddler,” to literary magazines for publication. Strange things happen when Niccolo plays his fiddle, it’s not just music, it’s powerful. The vrag, dark shadow creatures, come to destroy this magic, devouring any light and innocence they find. Can Niccolo stop the vrag from devouring more innocent lives? Or has his magic only created more harm than good?

I am in the beginning stages of my fantasy novel, A Girl and Her Dragon. For 3,000 years dragons remained hidden from the human world, the riders who once defended the world from horrible monsters were all but forgotten. Sapphire, a curious young dragon, ventures to the human world and befriends a little girl named Amelia. When vrag monsters return, the world needs dragon riders again to protect them. However, when Sapphire seeks the help of now 17-year-old Amelia, Amelia thought Sapphire had just been her imagination. Amelia is the only human who has a connection with a dragon. Can Amelia accept the responsibility of becoming the first dragon rider in 3,000 years?

Note: “The Fiddler” is a side story from the same world as A Girl and Her Dragon.


My poem, “A Different Normal,” was recently published in Magical Women Magazine, Vol 1.